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Furniture and Extras

We deliver our furniture within a 1.5 hour radius from our warehouse in Hastings.​

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Dancefloor, Stage and Bar

Props, Decorations and Games

Tables and Chairs

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Rustic wooden trestle tables

The classic country barn trestle table - these look great bare or with a table runner.

200 cm x 85 cm - comfortably seats 6

Standard trestle table

A simple plywood topped table, suitable for use with table linen with a long drop. 

6ft x 2ft 6in to seat 6 guests

Round banqueting tables

Traditional round banqueting tables, best used with table linen with a long drop.

5ft6in diameter to seat 10 guests

Wooden folding chairs

A vintage village hall-style slatted chair in  antique wash stain.

Lime wash chiavari chairs

These are a popular choice for weddings that are smart, without being as formal as banqueting chairs.

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Lighting and Music

Festoon lighting

A two-bulbs-per-metre belt of cool-touch LED lights on white cabling that makes the marquee look magical. Each belt is 20m and three belts are enough to light the inside of a two-pole marquee and five belts for the longer three-pole marquee.

Disco rig

Lighting bar on a tripod with 4 LED Pars. Sound activated and auto programs.

Fairy lights

An alternative to festoon lighting, these fairy lights have 50 warm-white LEDs per 5m belt. They come with a controller giving eight different functions, such as waves, twinkle and slow fade, as well as steady.

Small PA system

Suitable for speeches and DIY music. Includes:

  • two 12” high speakers (one active, one passive), complete with mixer of various controls, such as treble and bass,

  • two height-adjustable tripod speaker stands,

  • a cable to connect your iPod, laptop etc. for playing your own music.

Outdoor and indoor uplighters/spotlights

Outdoor: A great way to light up trees, the exterior of the marquee or nearby buildings.

Indoor: Smaller uplighters, perfect for inside the marquee.

Dancefloor, Stage and Bar

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Rustic wooden bar

Handmade for Piece of Cake. A dry bar made from reclaimed timber, measuring 115cm(h) x 46cm(d) x 240cm(w), so just under 6ft10in wide.

Wooden dancefloor

Traditional wooden parquet flooring available:

  • 12ft to a side (for up to 100 guests), or

  • 15ft to a side (for up to 150 guests).


A 3m by 3m stage, suitable for a four-piece band.

Props, Decorations and Games

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Vintage sewing machine

Refurbished antique Singer sewing machine.

Old book stacks

Three books bound with string; great for vintage centrepieces or props.

Country Garden Games

Enjoy a village fete feel with this games package that includes croquet, wooden skittles and giant jenga.

Vintage bakelite rotary phone

1950s classic bakelite phone - perfect as a prop for vintage styled weddings.

Natural wood slices

These are beautiful used as a base for your rustic or vintage centrepieces.

Sports Day Games Package

Re-live your school days with (realistic, rubber) egg and spoon, three-legged, and sack races, and a tug o' war rope. Also includes start and finish lines.

Small floral love letters

Freestanding floral love letters. Approx 25cm in height.

Chalkboard buckets

Great for table numbers. Fill with fresh or silk flowers and place on a wood slice for a simple but gorgeous centrepiece.

Rustic Barrel

A lovely old rum barrel, measuring 90cm in height and 62cm wide.

More coming soon...

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